Manufacturers of Precision Tubes and Cylinders
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Extensive Welding & Fabrication

TFL’s extensive welding & fabrication capabilities enable us to manufacture various types of welded precision tubes and cylinders to exact custom specification.

We offer a full subcontract manufacturing solution, from MIG & TIG welding, machining, orbital welding, rolling, deburring, polishing to final inspection & prompt delivery.

Welding of Precision Tubes & Cylinders

Applications & Experience

Over the years the team at TFL have worked on diverse projects for companies involved in the following sectors:

– Medical
– Pump & compressor
– Cryogenics
– Scientific instruments
– Nuclear & power generation
– Furnace
– Aerospace
– Waste
– Electronics
– General engineering
– Specialist markets.

Welded Tubes & Cylinder Manufacturer

Small & Large Tubes & Cylinders

Whether it’s fine highly glossed precision tubes your company requires or large industrial multifaceted cylinders manufactured to precise specification, our team is at hand to assist.

TFL can weld and fabricate the following:

– Tube flanges & fittings
– Vacuum traps & valves
– Welded tube joints & parts
– Tube components & accessories.

For more information on how we can help deliver top quality cost effective welded tubes & cylinders, please do get in touch.

Welded & Precision Tube flanges, fittings, joints, cylinders & parts manufacturer UK