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What we do?

Formed in 1983, TFL has established itself as a market leader for the supply of quality precision welded tubes and cylinders for a number of industries, including cryogenic, pump and medical. All tubes and cylinders manufactured by TFL are specific to individual customer requirements, with full coded welding, they are subject to stringent in house non destructive testing, including mass spectrometry testing, magnetic permeability testing and surface testing.

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What is our process?

Whilst tubes and cylinders are the core product, TFL has evolved to become a ‘one stop shop’ for various customers across a broad spectrum of industries. By expanding operations and offering a more complete service, component products such as pressure tested gas dewars, vacuum chambers, vessel assemblies and fabrications can now be supplied and tested inline with customer specifications.

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Why Choose Us?

Striving for continuous improvement in all areas of business, and with over thirty years of experience gained in the production of quality tubes, cylinders and fabrications, TFL have become synonymous with words such as Reliable, Cost Effective, Thorough and Motivated. With an on-going lean manufacturing approach, introduction and maintaining of 5s, process mapping and risk assessments TFL really have become the leaders in their market sector.

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Capacity and Facilities

In response to Customer and Market demand, Tiverton Fabrications Limited are now in a position to offer a complete range of Tube Manufacturing, Fabricating, Machining and in house non destructive testing (on site facility available).

This has been achieved via the acquisition of and association with Companies local to Tiverton to further enhance the extensive range of high quality precision welded tubes, cylinders and fabrications currently supplied to Customers in numerous industries.

TFL’s present capacities include, the following machinery and skills that can be offered, all capable of achieving the high standard of quality and reliability expected of Tiverton Fabrications Limited.

Those at the Tiverton site include:-

  • A formal Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001-2015 has been implemented at Tiverton Fabrications Limited
  • A TUV (AD2000 HP0) Certificate of Approval has been obtained for the manufacture and inspection of Pressure Vessels
  • Helium Leak Testing is a facility that has been installed at the Tiverton site with the opening of a purpose built unit equipped with an Alcatel ASM 181T Helium Leak Detection System with a sensitivity of: 2.0 x 10-12 mbar ls-1 (He) / 7.4 x 10-12 mbar ls-1 (Air)

Manufacturing Plant

The manufacturing plant at Tiverton supplies precision machined components for the whole range of TFL products as well as servicing local industry needs regarding maintenance and spare parts. The Company has a machine shop of approximately 3000 sq.ft.

TIG Welding:

  • Up to 500amp. Specializing in all St/St alloys. Copper and Aluminum
  • Up to Lorch Turn 500 orbital welding equipment, full digital back ups of weld parameters available

Tube Capacity:

  • Diameter range 10mm-2500mm. Length Range up to 2500mm. Thickness Range 0.25mm up to 100mm+


  • Up to 4000 x 8mm St/St


  • Up to 8 tonnes


  • Vertical boring up to 2000mm diameter (CNC drilling attachment fitted)
  • Turning up to 850mm diameter - 1200mm length
  • Milling up to 1500mm length - 700mm width - 540mm height
  • Butler Elgamill up to 3200mm length - 1000mm width - 1200mm vertical
  • Automatic tapping M3-M16


  • Helium Leak Detection
  • Pressure testing up to 2 bar
  • CMM Inspection - ten foot FARO arm. On site facility available
  • Magnetic Permeability testing
  • Surface finish testing
  • Thread gauges external and internal inspection